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One stop IT solution

Buff Technology assist and support our clients with wide range of IT services to ensure that our clients can achieve for what they think of from IT technology and solve our clients’ pain point with the right technology.

Digital Consulting ​​

Provide idea and suggestion to our clients from our experienced experts who guide clients to use the most suitable technologies and business process.

Web Design​

With best technology and design, we provide most flexible and responsive website and UI not to let your client stumble in your website or application.

Data Analysis

To assist our clients to explore and take benefits in their data by create correct data warehouse and do analysis.

Business Application

To increase revenue or save cost in clients' business, our experts will provide consult and design for our software to facilitate ouor clients'business.

IT security

To protect and serve the right process in IT software and solutions, our security experts would do penetrate test every software and application that we provide to our clients.

IT Automation

Our teams can help you to do control for your hardware and machine with right suggestion in IoT devices and controllers.

Rise to the top

Increase Revenue

To expand sale tools and increase productivity with IT solution and software, we are one stop provider to give your best consults, select to optimal tools and develop most suitable software for our clients to increase their revenues and opportunites in their business.

count on us

Reduce Expenses

To reduce time and process in your business that means cost-saving, our experts will accompany you to analyze your business pain as well as drill down to root cause and find best IT solution to ease them and bring back or money your loss from them.

try, try again

Best Practices

As we know technology is live then our clients can secure by our teams assist and support. To ensure that our clients keep improve their business with most modern technology and IT tools. Not just stay behind our players in their market.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Ask yourself what is your problems in recents, revenue low or decline, business production take time too long to finish, exhaust in monitor routine process and etc. Then gather all your pain and contact us.

Data and communication are key for almost every business so you could not let your competitors get them before you.

Because you may are in wrong hand or not suitable software or infrastructure then it costs you money and time.

Setup your affordable budget so you would not suffer and waste time to pick up the right technology and solution for you.

The most easiest way by gain it from your existinig customers because you and they know each other well then you just use their data to analyze whatelse their needs.

Yes we do, we have complete teams of experienced staffs who always ready to assist you.

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